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Investment opportunities

When one speaks of investment opportunities at UDSM, it includes the potential of investing in all types of relevant resources or assets such as all pieces of land that belong to UDSM which are in the meantime located at the UDSM main campus, IMS Zanzibar, at Silversands area, Kunduchi and in a number of locations in the country.

Furthermore, it will also include other properties or pieces of land that may not be located in any of the above three campuses but legally belonging to the University of Dar es Salaam. In future, any other facility that may be declared by competent National authorities to belong to UDSM will also fall under similar jurisdiction.

However, as a bottom line and in line with the UDSM reform guidelines, the University will not be involved in direct management of any properties that may fall either under third party or joint venture investment.

This is a declared policy of the UDSM Institutional Transformation Programme (ITP) that is meant to ensure UDSM refrains from direct delivery of various types of municipal services. Where such necessity exists UDSM has resolved that it will use the private sector or appoint an independent management firm/agency to offer the services on its behalf.




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